I hate reading prospective students’ talk about Hampshire like its nothing on tumblr. Because obviously at 2 am on friday night I’m looking at the hampshire college tag on tumblr, but regardless. Hampshire is my favorite place in the goddamn world, and it is the only place that could have made me realize there is SO MUCH MORE to education than arithmetic and boring academics. The kids here are more brilliant than the brainwashed assholes at your local public school or that prestigious private school funded by rich conservative alumni. Hampshire is new, poor, but liberating and brilliant and makes you free. I don’t care if you got into Colgate University or your state school with a brilliant reputation or Rutgers or WHATEVER because none of them compare. if you are self-motivated and have a lot of ideas, that is one of the only routes to success. and Hampshire was made for that. Don’t just talk about it as if it’s one of those dumb college options. IT SHOULD BE A PRIORITY.

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